Hot Pepper Flakes Blend

This is the standard blend of peppers to create some heat (and flavor) on your tongue.  Contains a blend of Jalepeno peppers and other peppers with a sprinkling of Ghost pepper flakes.  Not for the timid.


Hot Pepper Flake Blend


Medium Pepper Flakes Blend

A standard blend of peppers to create enough heat and flavor to make it noticable.  Excellent for pizzas, pastas, chili and whatever else you can imagine.

Medium Pepper Flake Blend



Your Custom Flake Blend

Select from the pepper below to create your special recipe of pepper flakes.  Use the descriptions on the "Peppers" page to make your decisions.  Select up to 5 peppers.  Your selections are in order of volume.  The pepper choosen first will make a higher percentage of your blend and so forth.

Reminder:  Ghost peppers, due to their limited quantity and excessive heat, will not make up more than 10% of the total volume.


Custom Blend
Top 2 pepper choices
Other peppers (up to 3)